Build a strong community with great people

A core group of ladies have been volunteering with Kids' Kloset for many years. Ever faithful, they show up week after week on their morning and begin sorting incoming donations, washing and drying laundry, processing newly purchased items, stocking the floor, serving families and much, much more! Although each week they have tasks they complete regularly the need is always different and volunteers are quite adaptable to whatever need is greatest on that given week.

We are always looking for people who want to enrich their lives by helping children! Please drop in during any of our open hours to take a tour and/or inquire about volunteer opportunities. We need help with:

Are you looking for volunteer hours or a community service project for your organization? Look no further!                Kids' Kloset loves to host group volunteer hours. Please contact info@kids-kloset.org or call 360-435-4875 to get your group set up.