Arlington Kids' Kloset

Serving Arlington, Darrington, Granite Falls and

 Lakewood School Districts




Simple solutions for complicated times 

Meeting the clothing needs of all eligible children, in a friendly, pleasant, and positive atmosphere that nurtures self-esteem, and thus enhances learning.

Arlington Kids’ Kloset occupies four renovated classrooms in the old Arlington High School. Discretion and sensitivity are paramount in our services. By locating our services off-site from our student’s own schools, we preserve privacy and make students more comfortable when using our service. Teens may browse without their parents, and no two students from the same school are ever given overlapping appointments. 

We strive to create a welcoming environment, and an enjoyable “shopping” experience, just as it would be in their favorite retailer. The only difference is that all items are free of charge. Arlington Kids' Kloset is the only service of its kind in the area. We work closely with local schools, churches, and social service agencies to coordinate student needs with district and community resources. Although northern Snohomish County is a fast-growing area, the proportion of families in poverty is increasing faster than the general population. In Darrington School District, for example, 60% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches, much higher than the Snohomish County average of 37%. We are always engaging in community outreach activities to ensure all families in need are aware of and have access to our services. Our goal is to continually increase awareness of our services for households in the Arlington, Darrington Granite Falls and Lakewood school districts. 

Why is Arlington Kids' Kloset so important to our community? 

The effects of poor hygiene, ill-fitting or tattered clothes, or even "the wrong clothes" can be devasting for a student's self esteem, often having far reaching and lasting consequences. Students who are uncomfortable at school and disconnected with their peers due to their appearance can often struggle to succeed academically and are more likely to fall behind or even drop out. By eliminating the non-academic barriers these youth face every day, we can strengthen peer relationships, create opportunities of growth and discovery, and affect positive sustained change. Arlington Kids's Kloset meets a fundamental need in the lives of low-income students, through the provision of clothing and hygiene essentials, so that they may remain focused on their continued education and acadmic success. 

Our goal is that every child has the opportunity to be healthy, happy, confident in their appearance, and secure in their abilities. 

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Please park in front of the Old Arlington High School.  

We have a sign on the left side of the building.  Walk around to the back of the building.

Do not disturb the school district staff.  Do not park in the lot.